How to apply for a double degree in the US?


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How do you apply for a double degree in the US? In general, a double degree at a US university will combine two relatively similar majors, such as math and finance, mathematics and accounting, business administration and finance.

Direct application. In general, a double degree at a US university will combine two relatively similar majors, such as mathematics and finance, mathematics and accounting, business administration, and finance. Therefore, after receiving the applicant’s application, the admissions officer will conduct an investigation from two professional directions. Students in the US graduate study application should pay more attention. Applicants must have a good grasp of both majors in order to apply. However, since many dual master’s programs have their own focus, for example, some projects have high requirements for mathematics, but the requirements for computers are not high. Therefore, applicants should pay attention to the admission requirements of the target colleges when applying. In addition, there are not many double admission universities in the United States, so the scope of choice is very narrow, which indirectly leads to greater competitive pressure. In addition, the dual master’s degree requires students to master two professional skills while learning other majors. This requires students to learn effectively in a short period of time, which is a great test for students’ ability.

Complete two degrees before and after. This method is to complete a master’s degree in China or the United States, and then apply for a relevant master’s degree. Many medical graduate students do the same thing. They applied for a master’s degree in biology before applying to a medical school in the United States. In the application process, this method is the same as the general master’s application, because the applicant already has a master’s degree, which means that the applicant has a rich research background and has great advantages in the application. The double-degree master’s study time is the same as the usual applied master’s study time. As long as you have enough tuition fees, you can graduate.

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