H1B Reform Regarding the Lottery Order


The Department of Homeland Security officially announced the latest “lottery H-1B reform plan” on the Federal Notices Online. Today’s article will give you a more detailed explanation regarding adjusting the lottery order of different academic qualifications.

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For Trump’s seemingly optimistic suggestion, many international students said they were not very convinced because the previously announced H-1B reform plan was not like this:

  1. Modify the definition of professional occupation, limit the application and distribution of H-1B, and ensure that the work visa is issued to “the most intelligent and best foreigner”.
  1. Change the H-1B lottery rules. First, all applicants will be included in the 65,000 regular places for the lottery. If the upper limit is reached, then 20,000 places will be drawn from the remaining masters and above, so that the H-1B winning rate for master’s degree or above will be achieved. Increase by 15%. Once implemented, Chinese students with a bachelor’s degree in the future may want to stay directly through H-1B.
  1. Ask the employer to pay a reasonable salary to the H-1B holder. This may increase the labor costs of US employers to a certain extent, which may cause their willingness to provide H-1B to international students to decline further.
  1. Whether it is the Department of Homeland Security or the Immigration Bureau, in the past two years, when I talked about the H-4 work card policy of the H-1B spouse, I am sure that it will be cancelled!

In the absence of an H-4 work card, the H-1B holder’s spouse cannot work in the United States, and even the Social Security SSN is not available, often resulting in H-1B holders returning home and reuniting with their families. Either the couple can be separated from each other and the family.