Affordable Family Law Legal Services



Full scope representation includes: ongoing court and opposing party contact, document preparation and deadline management, court appearances, and appeals. Client merely provides documentation and information when necessary, and attends court hearings. A larger retainer will be required and the case work is billed hourly.
Limited scope representation is limited to the issue the  client needs assistance with, to wit: specific hearings, answering specific documents, mediation attendance, etc. Retainer required will depend on what assistance is needed and can be billed hourly or at a flat rate.

Self-representation requires that the client represents self in the case (pro-se). Attorney assists client with document preparation, hearing preparation, review of documents prepared by any party, overview of the legal process, discovery etc. Client determines the level of assistance. Attorney does not contact opposing party or court, does not attend hearings and does not make a formal appearance in the case (name on documentation).  Retainer required will depend on the number of hours client retains attorney for. Example: retainer paid for two (2) hours of work to review Petition and prepare Answer and possible Counter-Claim.